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First post as a ringless, engaged woman.

I was waiting for something special to write about for my first post. And I wanted to do it on a date that I would remember because I’m pretty much man. My automatic answer to “guess what today is” is always “uh, our anniversary?” At least I make him laugh. Kodus to me.

Today is Christmas, and I’m into all things that are holy. Yay to the birth of Jesus.

In other news, I was reading on my new kindle (quick rant: I spent two, yes TWO, hours trying to pick a book for my kindle. I gave up and bought a magazine only to realize I have a monthly subscription now for the one I bought. Say it with me now: idiot) and I heard a weird little jingle sound. At first I thought my kindle made noises, and then I thought Santa came back give me the designer shoes I asked for. Hey, better late… Well, I realized that this little noise was coming from my engagement ring. Um, they aren’t supposed to make noise?

I took it off my finger and proceeded to shake it. It sounded a bit like jingle bells so I sang along until I realized that my two month old ring had a loose stone. Tears immediately filled my eyes. Oh, and I stopped singing. I am leaving at 9:30 on the polar express (ok, amtrax) to go to NYC to see my fiance and his family. Then later in the week I go to see my grandma and all my mom’s side of the family. Neither families have really seen the ring. So it breaks my heart that I am having these problems at this time. Plus they might think I’ve finally gone crazy and made up the whole thing. I hear people do that, delusional people.

I am not materialistic about jewelry. I wear pearl studs and a pearl necklace, and that’s all folks. When me and KJ went looking at rings, I did not have an emotional connection to any of them, so I picked one he could afford and called it a day. That was after I had a meltdown in the middle of the mall because I was expecting to feel things but I didn’t. All I felt was bad for him because he was forking over a ton of cash for a ring that I didn’t care too much about (I’m dramatic).  And I wasn’t one of those girls who posted pictures of the ring on facebook. To me, I was more excited for everyone else to know that I was marrying KJ. The ring was a ring. And that’s just not classy.

But when I realized that I couldn’t wear my ring anymore, I felt naked and like I lost a part of me. Now nobody will know by looking at me that I am seriously lucky in love with someone who loves me enough to put a ring on my finger. Not to mention I have appointments Friday to look at venues. Awkward.  They might think I’m delusional, too.

So tomorrow morning I am going to the jeweler and having them fix/replace/dowhatevertheydo. I’m just disappointed that I’m having these problems after 2 months…

Now I shall go pack up 10 days worth the clothes for a 3 day stay in my itty bitty bag. I am pretty much Mary Poppins.


Have yourself a merry little Christmas. And try not to sweat the small stuff.