Weddings, Weddings, Weddings

It was another day in paradise. I worked a lovely 8 hours on three hours of sleep. No, it wasn’t a fun night. No, I did not have a good time. My body just decided the cool thing to start in 2012 is getting up at 3. Two days in a row. While, I was at work, I overheard a coworker talk about how she got engaged on new years eve. And she already has her venue, date, and was planning on getting her dress this weekend. WTF people.

I’ve been engaged for like, three months, and I have no wedding plans. I’m just not the type of girl who has been dreaming about her wedding day since she was a little girl. In fact, all these wedding plans are stress provoking. I am a ball of nerves. And I’m not even getting married until 2013. Good lord. I need to get a grip, go to yoga, or get on some prozac.

Ok, so I lied. I do have a dream wedding. I have dreamt about having a winter wedding. I love the idea of having a reception room that’s all glass with a fire-place going. I envision listening to music scores of classic christmas songs during the dinner. Even the colors I like work with winter weddings (not summer, thank you).

But the reality is that I live in central PA when it can snow 15+ inches in October with family that is scattered all throughout the USA, Alaska included. So, I guess if I want people to come to my wedding, I need to have it during a weather neutral month. So until I’m inspired with my summer wedding, I just want no part of it. Ugh, there I said it.

And what does KJ think about all this you ask? He is ok with anything that keeps me from being grumpy (which means sleep and chocolate)


So I dunno what the point of my little corner of the blogsphere, but I know that KJ and I have some goals to help us come together as a couple. And I think it would be good to document these goals.


I am a healthy eater. I love eating clean.  I tend to eat either 6 small meals a day or three meals with three snacks. If for some reason I feel particularly inspired at the gym, I tend to eat another “snack”. So yeah, I’m conscious of what goes into my mouth.  DO  NOT GET ME WRONG, I freakin’ love chocolate. In fact, I crave it so bad it hurts. And that’s ok. Thats life! KJ on the other hand, needs more help. He eats two largish meals a day. He skips breakfast, eats lunch around 1 and gets dinner around 7. I have encouraged KJ to eat breakfast, and to get two snacks in while eliminating unnecessary extras from his meals (fries). I also need to broaden my cooking horizons, because one cannot live on eggplant parmesan alone.


I am a runner. I also have a new-found love of weight lifting. Throw in some cycling class and yoga, and that’s my perfect week of working out. When I met KJ he was a stud who wrestled, and was ripped. Since then he gave up wrestling to focus on his classes. He went from having a C average to getting A’s and B’s but at the same time he sacrificed his health and well-being.  And slowly the pounds creeped up. Please, please understand that I love him and am completely attracted to him. What I am worried about is that I am investing my life to someone. And I want to be with him for as long as possible.

So, I have been trying to get him to run, go to cycling, but he put his foot down at Jillian videos and yoga. So, I thought maybe a more manly workout video would work. Enter P90x. This will be starting soon.

Wedding plans:

Yeah, yeah I know I said I didn’t want to worry about that stuff yet, but I want to get myself in a place where I can start to plan. I did look at three venues and I plan to give a post about each, so I can maybe start to narrow it down. Yeah, I’m totally going to make a good ol’ pro and con list.

So there ya have it. I start my LAST semester of nursing school tomorrow. For the month of january, I will be helpin’ to birth babies.



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