Date day


After 12 hours of pure hardwork, I was about beat last night. It was almost the kind of night where I could have passed up dinner if it wasn’t conveient enough. Thanks to my fiance, I had my ideal sandwich waiting for me. My go-to sandwich is a bit, odd, but its good I swear. It’s pumpernickel bread, grilled chicken, swiss cheese, honey mustard, bbq sauce, oregano, and vinegar. So after I stuffed myself with dinner, I passed out in bed and slept 11.5 hours. I decided to ease into my morning with yoga. After all that, I texted KJ to see what was up for the day and was happy to hear he would be off at 11 instead of 2ish. We decided on lunch at the Olive garden (soup and salad!) and then we went over to the Flagship cinemas (best prices and best chairs, they ROCK back and forth) to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.


Before going to the movies, we made a pit stop at wegmans to get some essentials. New to me luna bar flavors and candy!



Honestly, the bulk candy bin is so much cheaper than spending 5 dollars on a box of candy. I’m not the biggest fan of the movie candy anyhow. I picked out chocolate covered pretzels and he got reese’s pieces. We got licorice to share. All for about 4 dollars. Can’t beat it!

The movie was fantastic, as was the book. And the company was even better. I’m a lucky girl. Now its 8 and I’m bored. And I miss my pup.



4 thoughts on “Date day

    • The movie was very dark. The mystery revolves around crime against women. And I there was a rape scene… It was brutally real, and I cried. But the movie/book paints I think a pretty realistic picture of what it really is like to be a woman in other countries. I recommend it. But it’s serious. And seriously long.

    • Yes they have so many choices and lots of “weird” things to pick from. And it’s so much cheaper! Really, my total was less than 4 dollars? Today that’s only like 3/4 of a box of movie theatre candy. Just make sure you carry a big purse!

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