For the sake of writing a post

So I have no motivation right now. Some call it lazy. I call it senioritis- hey there, it’s about friggin’ time you showed up. I spent 500+ hours studying my second to last semester away. And this semester its not going to happen. I feel great. I feel free. I feel… bored as hell.

Honestly, all I do is sit in my apartment all day. It’s super lame. I mean I go to the gym and doing all that jazz. But then I napped. And then I laid around. And then I watched law and order SVU. And then I went to spinning class. And then I watched biggest loser. And then I went to bed. Ugh, so mundane. I need to work more or something. Speaking of SVU my fiance’s aunt is an actress who guest appears on the show a lot. She got me socks for christmas. I’m wearing them now. This made me instantly more cool when I put them on.

So. Biggest loser is my favorite show. But this season, I could literally punch all those girls lights out. Conda is by far the most manipulative, annoying contestant EVER. Why would they even put her on the BL? She clearly doesn’t deserve it. I guess it fits the theme “no excuses” but its super annoying to watch her pick a fight with every single cast member. And she isn’t even pulling her weight, haha pun NOT intended, but appreciated. So I say vote her off.

Ok, its dinner time. It’s like the only highlight of my day and I don’t intend on wasting it.


PS today in class we talked about our personality types. Mine is ISFJ. I was an ENTP in high school. I guess hanging out by myself all day changed me. What are you?



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