So last night I was super bored. And nothing seemed to keep me from being on edge all day. I decided to watch a movie. And since I’m already having crazy ass nightmares about my wedding, I thought why not add some more: Enter Bridesmaids.


This movie is hilarious on all levels. I laugh out loud throughout the entire movie, and that’s not realy my style. It’s a shame this movie got snubbed at the Golden Globes. Assholes.

So, a lot of this movie focuses on how much weddings can screw with people’s lives. Weddings make people crazzzy. And I don’w know why? I’m definitely not a bridezilla. But I can’t help but wonder how the wedding will affect me and my gal pals. I don’t want to lose friendships over my big day. Ugh, I actually hate when people refer to it as “their big day.” No, it’s not YOUR big day, its your husband and your big day. He kind of started the whole process anyhow didn’t he? Unless you are one of those women who bought your own ring: it’s not your day! I actually am ok with it being just KJ’s day. In fact, that’s what I’m going to tell everyone from now on. “Well, Nicole, it’s your day.” “Actually, it’s KJ’s day and I’m taking the back seat on this event.”

But I thought it might be fun to give a shout out to my bridesmaids and a short bio on them. ‘Cause it’s their day, too.

Maids of Honor

This is my sister, Toni. She blogs at transformingtoni. She works for the state at the LCB and sells products from itWorks! on the side.  She has already been a huge help with this dreadful process. And especially helpful with warding off the dreaded mother of the bride. I think my mom thinks its HER day. I mean, it may not be MY day but certainly isn’t HER day!

This is my other MOH, Allie. We have been friends since 2nd grade. Allie goes to Penn State and works at Mulligans. She studies PR and wants to plan parties. So, I’m putting her to work to plan my wedding. Heck, she can even wear the white dress and marry my fiance if that means I can stop working out like a nutcase and eat normal food. I vote for that option.


This is my other childhood friend, Chrissy. While I’ve known her since 1st grade, we mostly didn’t like each other in elementary school! In fact, she hated me. I have proof! Haha, those are funny memories. But luckily that changed! CB is going to teach your products how to be decent members of society. And for that she deserves a medal.

This is my friend Nicole from college. We both went to Messiah, obviously, which is a seriously christian school. No we didn’t meet at church, we met at a party. I may or may not have been drunk. But she was my mentor during her senior year and we have been happily gossiping with each other ever since. She really has been a rock for me during nursing school.

This is one of Kj’s sister’s Brianna. She is by far the most stylish person I know and is very helpful, too. She has already found gorgeous dress options for the bridesmaids. Truth is, I don’t much care what they wear, but what she picked out is exactly what I have been secretly picturing. I really adore Bri, and I can see us becoming great friends over the course of our lives.

My final bridesmaid is my younger cousin Chelsey. She is going to start California University for a dual major in altheletic training and education. She is someone I love to offer my advice to, although I’m sure I just annoy the heck out of her instead. I have enjoyed watching her come of age and become a strong, independent young women. God, you know you are old when you say stuff like that.

So there you have it. My wedding party. I wish I could just party with these girls over the next year and a half and forgot the troubling planning and such.




2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. Awe…I love you Nikki! We will get you through this one day at a time and it will be absolutely beautiful from beginning till end 🙂 Love you bunches! I have to watch this movie! Can I borrow it?

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