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P90X weeks 3&4; and a dress

Well, I guess I’ve fallen by the wayside on blogging. Oh well, such is life. I seem to only want to blog when I have to study something boring. Moral problems in modern ethics? Uh, what? Yeah. I’d rather blog. I have an essay test coming up. It’s one of those where you are given like, 8 questions, and will have two the professor will pick for you to right on. The problem I’m having is a lot of the questions want MY educated opinions. And I don’t really have opinions on matters such as moral language. But I do have an opinion on abortion. (I am using the Jedi mind trick right now, willing that question to be on the test). It won’t be. But there will be 2 on cultural relativism. Just my luck.

So, week 3 of P90X was the last week of phase 1. And all I remember was everyday wishing it would end. I picked up more miles in running this week, so I was exhausted. KJ is still shrinking away. And I am getting muscle definition that down right scares me. I’m going to look like a man here soon. But that’s ok, according to my ethics class, they make out better in everything anyhow.

Here’s one of Kj’s better poses. Not bad, not bad.


Week 4 of P90X was a taper week, filled with recovery exercises. We didn’t follow the week 100%. On Wednesday we were both EXHAUSTED, so we decided to move KenpoX to Saturday and scratch off YogaX. Honestly, doing YogaX twice in one week sounded like torture. I had a victory this week! I said from the first time doing yogaX that I wanted to be able to hold crane pose by the last week. Well, I finally did it!


I also ran like a madwoman this week. Oh, and I took a spinning class. My legs are still mad. My long run on thursday was rough. In fact, I cried. I ran up 10 hills. In 50 mph winds. Never again. Oh and I got shin splints for the first time in my life. I think I need new running shoes. I ran close to 16 miles this week. I’m nowhere near to what I used to run a week,  but I’m slowly making my way back.


This week I discovered Chocolate Covered Katie. I’ve made like 6 different recipes. I love her. Above was a single lady chocolate chip cookie dough muffin. It rocked. KJ said they were better warm. That’s almost a compliment. This morning I made him a blueberry muffin. He liked that one.


I also discovered Spaghetti Squash…. As an Italian, I value a good noodle. I like my pasta al dente, ya know, with a bit of crunch to it. Well, this had crunch and was goooood. It satisfied my pasta craving (tricked ya, brain) and filled me up all night long (for 40 calories, that’s kind of impressive). I tried them first with just a bit of butter, salt, and parmesan cheese. It was alright. But this evening I had them with parmesan cheese, and prego. And it was out of this world. The flavors of the tomato sauce and the squash complimented each other in a very good way. The consistency also worked well together. I just really am a huge fan.

In other news: I bought my wedding dress 🙂

It was completely an accident. I think I posted Friday morning that I was going shopping with my mom. We were going on a whim just to try to get a better feel of what I wanted. Well, I went to Cocoa Couture. I know people complain that it’s expensive, but its worth every penny, and if you have a budget they work with you. I did not necessarily have a budget. So I went in there and they were having a trunk show of a designer who has designed for kleinfelds and partnered with a few great wedding designers. He calls himself, the “queen of lace.” Yeah, his words not mine! And since I wanted a dress that was all lace, he was my dream come true. I tried on about 8 dresses. And nothing was cutting it. They were pretty, but they didn’t have the wow factor I was looking for. (My definition of wow is not BLING or being BIG, it was being romantic, detailed, elegant, and gorgeous). The manager came in, gave me a class of wine, and told the designer the dress he thought I needed to try on. I tried it on. I smiled. I walked out to my mom and the designer. And nobody spoke a word. My dress assistant Jen (who was FABULOUS) threw on the veil I picked out. And then the designer pronounced “it was as if I had you in mind when I made that dress, and I never say that.” My mom agreed. I had some reservations about one part of the dress (too low-cut) that I voiced and I heard something I loved: “I’m going to design you and make for you by hand this dress, with a higher cut bodice.” And he is throwing in a free muslim fitting, veil, sash, and detailing on the sash. SO then we talked details which included a longer train, higher cut bodice, and french lace. I also get his sketches of my dress so I can frame them later. It’s all good until you get the bill. But I’m a firm believer in paying for quality. It was by far the best experience I have ever had with this wedding stuff (besides, ya know, getting engaged 😉 ). I would recommend them 100000%. Even my designer offered to make the dress less expensive by substituting different lace over the french lace… I just wasn’t interested in changing the part I loved the MOST. I can’t give anymore details, my fiance is like, my only reader.

Here’s to getting married in all lace & being broke.

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P90X- Week 2 and how breakfast saves money.

So, Kj and I are in our second week of P90x (actually we are almost done with our third because I’m a dunce blogger) and I would say we definitely had much more energy this week. I mean, we even held a conversation. On top of P90x, I decided to get back into running. I feel like running fell by the wayside over the last few months for a variety of reasons.

1. It’s Winter. In Pennsylvania (this used to mean more than it does now, it’s going to be 50 degrees tomorrow)

2. I was hooked on spinning- great class.

3. I was tired all the time with finals and work, so I’d hop on the elliptical, or do a Jillian video.

4. I was Lazzzy, with a capital L.


So this week I felt like I should jump right in. Monday it was 3 miles, Tuesday it was 4 miles, and Friday was 6 beautiful miles! I think what surprises me the most is that even after my time off, I find that I am faster, and still in great shape to just start off at 13 miles my first week back. Truth is, I love to run. I don’t love P90X, or spinning, or even the elliptical. Therefore, I am a runner. (Does anyone else feel weird about calling themselves a runner?) I used to run track, the 800, the beast. I don’t miss it. It was hell on the track to do. But I almost feel like I was more of a runner then than I am now. And trust me, I took a few short cuts and barely ran 8 miles a week (and that was running 5x a week, lol). Oh, high school I miss you.

Ok, that ends my rant on running. So now that we are finished with two weeks into the 13 weeks of p90x, I would have to be honest and tell you I’m seeing some changes… on Kj, haha. The other day he looked so much smaller in his chest and stomach that I was like, “I’m measuring you, now.” This was in the middle of a workout. Ha. And lo and behold, he lost 2 inches in his stomach, and 1.75 inches in his chest. That’s after TWO weeks. And he still eats fried food. I almost hate him. We don’t get on the scale though. We really don’t have access to one, so I figured, why not go by inches?

As for me, I lost an inch in my stomach and 3/4 of an inch on each thigh. Oh, and to my fiance’s dismay, an inch on my chest. And slowly but surely, the abs are coming back. I didn’t even realize they were gone. Oh well.  I’m not really following the nutrition plan. I eat clean and healthy, so I see no need. But I have made some changes. I’m increasing protein with a shake on the days we lift, and my rest day. There’s no reason I don’t drink them on other days except I’m a poor college student. And I cut out my carbs at dinner and after. Incidentally, this stopped me from snacking at night. because I like to chow down on popcorn. There’s nothing wrong with popcorn, I’d just rather have a huge oatcake for breakfast. In its first phase, P90X only wants you to eat one serving of carbs (50g) and 1 serving of fruit. This is a bit redic, but I decided I’m a carb happy person, and that can stop. I noticed that changing my breakfast from my measly 100 calorie english muffin and 1/2 a banana can’t hold a candle to my 1/8 c. of oats, 1/3 c. of whole wheat flour, 1/3 c. almond milk, and stevia. I got this recipe from somewhere in the blog community, and I’m sorry I don’t remember where! Seriously, this breakfast holds me over until about 12 (when eaten at 7). That’s impressive. I usually am scrounging for a snack at 9. Now I’m not. So therefore, I’m saving money. This breakfast rocks.

Well, today is already starting to be a good day. I got my income tax return (Um, hello, last year I paid $600 dollars, and now I’m getting that back plus MORE) and I’m going wedding dress shopping with my momma, and outlet shopping. Then I have to study, boo.

Have a good one.



P90X- Week1.

As my new & LAST semester of college starts, I find myself working ahead of the class. I’m just trying to scratch as much off my to do list as possible. And I thought senioritis was going to be a problem for me. Ha. I’m still a nerd.

Well, not only did I start my new semester last week, but I also started P90X and I have been in a whirlwind ever since. See, it’s hard enough planning workouts around 1 person’s schedule. But since I’m doing this with my fiance, I have to plan it around both of our schedules. It’s super hard. But doable. It just means that I’m not working out first thing in the morning anymore (my favorite time).

So, I thought I’d share what my thoughts are after week 1.

WEEK 1: P90X

We are currently doing the classic version. There are all different types of verisons (even one for runners!) based on what kind of results you are looking for. I’m not sure what results I want in myself, but I know KJ would like to see some pounds come off, and get back his toned body.

Our week looked like this:

Monday: Chest and Back, Ab Ripper

Tuesday: Plyometrics

Wednesday: Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper

Thursday: Yoga X

Friday: Legs

Saturday: Kenpo X

Sunday: REST 🙂

To be honest, I don’t feel the indevidual videos are difficult. Last week, I was disappointed after each video to realize it wasn’t nearly as challenging as I thought. But as the week went by, I found my entire body was just EXHAUSTED (although, I also ran around 15 miles on top of this). Kj and I were no longer talking, we would greet each other with a grunt and that would be it lol. We just were SO tired. At first I blamed my new schedule. But then I realized this program’s intensity comes from the combined efforts of all the videos as a whole. And let me tell you the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts. Seriously, it’s only Wednesday now, but I’m starting to feel tired.

As for noticing any changes, I didn’t think I would see any in the first week. But I already notice my abs and arms getting more toned and defined. I’ll do a more formal results post at four weeks, eight weeks, and 13 weeks.

I have been trying to clean up my diet. I’ve been guilty lately of eating too much chocolate (um, I don’t think there is such a thing, but whatev.). P90X Comes with a serious nutrition plan, but I don’t think that I’m at a point where I need to follow a strict diet. I am making sure my diet in general is low in fat and sugar, high in protein, and am keeping my carb servings at about 4, with two of those being fruit. And when the mood strikes, some chocolate covered pretezel  balls (they are like crack and that is all I have to say).

I guess what I like most about the program is KJ’s willingness to work out with me. We laugh, a lot, and it means so much to me that he is doing with me what I enjoy most!

So heres to week two. Shoulders, Arms, and Abs tonight. Please go easy on me Master X.