P90X- Week 2 and how breakfast saves money.

So, Kj and I are in our second week of P90x (actually we are almost done with our third because I’m a dunce blogger) and I would say we definitely had much more energy this week. I mean, we even held a conversation. On top of P90x, I decided to get back into running. I feel like running fell by the wayside over the last few months for a variety of reasons.

1. It’s Winter. In Pennsylvania (this used to mean more than it does now, it’s going to be 50 degrees tomorrow)

2. I was hooked on spinning- great class.

3. I was tired all the time with finals and work, so I’d hop on the elliptical, or do a Jillian video.

4. I was Lazzzy, with a capital L.


So this week I felt like I should jump right in. Monday it was 3 miles, Tuesday it was 4 miles, and Friday was 6 beautiful miles! I think what surprises me the most is that even after my time off, I find that I am faster, and still in great shape to just start off at 13 miles my first week back. Truth is, I love to run. I don’t love P90X, or spinning, or even the elliptical. Therefore, I am a runner. (Does anyone else feel weird about calling themselves a runner?) I used to run track, the 800, the beast. I don’t miss it. It was hell on the track to do. But I almost feel like I was more of a runner then than I am now. And trust me, I took a few short cuts and barely ran 8 miles a week (and that was running 5x a week, lol). Oh, high school I miss you.

Ok, that ends my rant on running. So now that we are finished with two weeks into the 13 weeks of p90x, I would have to be honest and tell you I’m seeing some changes… on Kj, haha. The other day he looked so much smaller in his chest and stomach that I was like, “I’m measuring you, now.” This was in the middle of a workout. Ha. And lo and behold, he lost 2 inches in his stomach, and 1.75 inches in his chest. That’s after TWO weeks. And he still eats fried food. I almost hate him. We don’t get on the scale though. We really don’t have access to one, so I figured, why not go by inches?

As for me, I lost an inch in my stomach and 3/4 of an inch on each thigh. Oh, and to my fiance’s dismay, an inch on my chest. And slowly but surely, the abs are coming back. I didn’t even realize they were gone. Oh well.  I’m not really following the nutrition plan. I eat clean and healthy, so I see no need. But I have made some changes. I’m increasing protein with a shake on the days we lift, and my rest day. There’s no reason I don’t drink them on other days except I’m a poor college student. And I cut out my carbs at dinner and after. Incidentally, this stopped me from snacking at night. because I like to chow down on popcorn. There’s nothing wrong with popcorn, I’d just rather have a huge oatcake for breakfast. In its first phase, P90X only wants you to eat one serving of carbs (50g) and 1 serving of fruit. This is a bit redic, but I decided I’m a carb happy person, and that can stop. I noticed that changing my breakfast from my measly 100 calorie english muffin and 1/2 a banana can’t hold a candle to my 1/8 c. of oats, 1/3 c. of whole wheat flour, 1/3 c. almond milk, and stevia. I got this recipe from somewhere in the blog community, and I’m sorry I don’t remember where! Seriously, this breakfast holds me over until about 12 (when eaten at 7). That’s impressive. I usually am scrounging for a snack at 9. Now I’m not. So therefore, I’m saving money. This breakfast rocks.

Well, today is already starting to be a good day. I got my income tax return (Um, hello, last year I paid $600 dollars, and now I’m getting that back plus MORE) and I’m going wedding dress shopping with my momma, and outlet shopping. Then I have to study, boo.

Have a good one.




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