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Last run of 2012.

I don’t even know what was going on in my life when I posted last. But whatever it was, it seems insignificant to what is happening now. I think I remember talking about how I was increasing my running miles, trying to get back into the swing of things. Well, I quickly did. I actually broke my personal record for the most miles ran in one week. I killed it. And my pace was perfection. I’m talking 7:30s for my short runs, 7:45 pace for my 8-10 milers. The weather was perfect and everything was wonderful.  I even ran my fasted 5k, in 20:56.

But none of that matters.

During my recovery run, an easy four miles, I threw on my “short distance” shoes. I went out the door without my pacer tracking me. This wasn’t about pace, this was about shaking my legs out. On the home stretch, in ear shot of my pup, I felt something give in my foot. excruciating pain ensued. I stopped immediately. Then the pain stopped immediately. I took a few steps, chalked it off as a fluke, and attempted to run again. I ran through the pain for .25 of my last mile. It was the longest .25 of a mile of my life. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I hobbled, defeated, into my house and plopped my foot on some ice.

I cried. I had known what I had done. I knew the second it happened, what I had done. I just sat there, looking at my foot, thinking about everything I could have done to prevent this from happening. Trust me, it was preventable.

Tuesday March 13th, 2012 is more than likely the last run I will run in 2012. My bone scan Monday will confirm what my body already knows is a stress fracture, in a place that is the hardest to heal.

I laugh. I smile with friends. I hobble from point A to B.  I make jokes all day at my own expense. But inside, I’m falling to pieces. This is no longer about my desires to be fit, and to run perfect paced long runs. This might affect my career. I worked hard, for four years to maintain a high GPA and worked my ass off to impress every person I came into contact with. Well, it worked. I was offered every job I applied to. And this may stop me from doing what I was BORN to do. And that, is the most unacceptable part of this all.

Truth is. I deserve what I got. I over-trained without proper fuel, rest, and I took on too much too soon. There are reasons why training plans are set up the way they are. You are not supposed to increase your runs by more than 10% a week. So if you are out there following your own plan, the joke will be on you.

Tonight, the jokes on me.

But don’t you worry, I’m still getting my sweat on. Thank the lord for spinning class. And lifting.