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Recovering from a running injury

What I have learned over the last month and a half is that running injuries are hard to come back from. This has everything to do with the fact that you want to continue doing the same activity that hurt you in the first place. That’s hard, because running injuries are commonly from overuse.

I suffered from IT band troubles when I trained for my first half marathon. This injury actually prevented me from running all 13 miles. I ended up only being able to finish 6. After the race, I kind of stayed away from running by working out on the elliptical and taking group classes.

That was two years ago. Now I’m someone who loves to run, and is itching to get back out on the road. My only saving grace has been that the weather is super crappy. I have no desire to go run in 50 mph winds, thanks, but no thanks.  But I also don’t feel like I’m any closer to running than I was with my boot on. It kind of breaks my heart.

I go to see a specialist next Friday. That would be my projected date for my first run. My projected date for my first spin class is totally at 7 am tomorrow morning. I can do it.

I found a source that says for every week you are off running, it will take you two weeks to get back to that level. I’m up to like 5 weeks, I can expect to be fully recovered in 10 weeks. Source

I do have to say that I tried to decrease my detraining effect by cross training with swimming and keeping up with my lifting. We will see how it goes I guess.

I’m back to the pool today to drown swim a 1/2 mile. Sucks.


What I learned from my foot injury.

So, the last time I wrote, I think I told you I had a stress fracture. While that wasn’t the actual diagnosis, I had some tendon problems that unfortunately affected my cuboid bone. I was hoping it was just bone, as I believe strains, sprains, and tears are much, much worse (aka harder to heal). Luckily my doctor believes that it was a freak accident, so I shouldn’t have to deal with any physical therapy/gait changing tactics. Although he is sending me to a specialist, just in case.

This last month and a half was rough. I’m graduating college in two, TWO weeks and my stress levels have been off the charts. I generally deal with my stress by going outside and getting a nice jog in. That is my ideal therapy. Lately I’ve had to supplement running therapy with swimming/aqua jogging and lifting weights. I love to lift, but really it gets old when its the only thing you do day in and day out.  And swimming, well, I have a weird phobia with swimming. It’s ridiculous or else I would share. Ok, since you pulled my leg… Every time I close my eyes underwater, I think a shark is about to attack me. Seriously.

In retrospect, it would have been better had I done something other than 2 days of p90x (I’m trying to stay on the program!) and 1 day of full body supersets. So yeah, it got old FAST. To add to my stress levels is that I haven’t worked since march 13th (I usually work once a week). So I’m a broke joke, fo’ reals. To add insult to injury, last night I got a speeding ticket. I cried, gave him my life story, and I still got a fine. And he was the cutest, nicest old guy. Apparently their new speed monitors record all their speeds and if they have a speed that’s significantly higher, they HAVE to ticket. This my friends is why technology is a bitch.

So now that I have officially complained your ears off, I thought I’d take some time and tell you the life lessons I learned from this injury.

1. I am not a professional athlete. This may sound silly, and trust me, I was well aware of this before my injury. But I was exercising just as much as some professional athletes do without supervision. I was always working out hard and INTENSE everyday. I burned, according to my HR monitor, well over 1000 calories a day. And that’s one of the reasons why I got injured.

2. I need to treat my body better. This stems off of what I said above, but I also haven’t been fueling myself for these intense workouts. I exhausted my body. I exercised like a pro athlete and fueled like I was on one serious diet. I’m so upset with myself. Because I KNOW better. I’m a nurse. I’m a professional. I get it. This girl talked about her struggles recently. And it brought back to the front of my mind my own problems. A lot of it stems from being overweight for a blip in time. My mind likes to tell me things like “No you can’t eat dessert again because you will gain back those twenty-five pounds immediately.” If a patient said that to me, I’d have to laugh. because it sounds so ridiculous. But that’s what my mind thinks. And mind, you know better! I’m not an exception to the scientific facts! I am going to work on eating more (yum!) but eating clean! I’ve made great strides this semester with eating clean, unprocessed foods. So that’s what I’m going to continue doing. My activity level is also going to increase greatly with working 12+ hours on my feet, running around a BUSY, and BIG unit. So my metabolism will be sky high. This is the ideal time to increase my eats.

3. I’m not going to have all the time in the world to workout for three + hours everyday. Yeah you read that right. three hours. Well starting june 7th, I start my big girl job of 40 hours a week. Nice right? Well, with that responsibility I won’t be able to workout as leisurely as I was accustomed to in college. And I’ll be exhausted. But I know that some days, even if I can only get in a 2 mile run, that will be ok! One hour work outs might be a luxury. Because I also have to study for my end-exam. And also planning a wedding…. Oyi, I’m getting stressed out again!

4. I learned to find other ways to distress, like watch a movie, talk to my fiance, go out with him. We had a heart to heart where we realized that because of “last semester stresses” we have had a bit of a disconnection. And that is the truth. We love each other so much, but when you are both studying for comprehensive exams that cover 4 years of infinite knowledge, its easy to get caught up in it. And this week we have already spent most days together. I am very thankful to have a fiance who I can talk to, cry to, and end up laughing with. He makes everything I do that much more worthwhile.


Today I got my walking cast/boot off. And today I went to the gym with the sole purpose to start strengthening it back up. I got on the bike first for 15 minutes. Then I got on the elliptical for 15 minutes. And then I walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. And then I left. Note: I went very, very slow. Tomorrow I’ll probably swim laps. Ugh.



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