I am an Athletic Trainer. I am tasked with caring for on and off the athletic field and I love that environment.  I will be graduating in May of 2012 with my bachelors in Athletic Training from Messiah College; this will allow me to work at the high school level, though my dream job is to work with a college.  I plan on going back to school in the future so I can accomplish this dream. Cold nights and long hours are a staple of this profession, but there is always an opportunity to learn more since many things only come with experience, and that is what I look forward to the most.


I have never been able to pin down on activity that I love the most. I have an inherent need for change that I believe I got from my father.  I am constantly seeking new ways in which I can explore the world around me, and I am sure Nicole will get dragged into these undertakings one way or another.


Nicole is someone who I can proudly way is my best friend, so its something special to have that same person be the one who I love the most.  I typically don’t have a care in the world, or at least, I don’t stress out about the future.  This creates a great balance since Nicole is such the opposite.  I honestly believe that’s how we were able to make it through college, Nicole made sure I got my work done on time, and I was always around to steal her away from the inexhaustible pile of work she had for nursing.


The future will be holding a number of new and interesting challenges, as Nicole and I will have a number of conflicts when it comes to work, and who is doing what around the house.  Personally I like a good challenge and can’t wait to find that perfect balance in which we are both completely fulfilled in our work and our relationship together.


2 thoughts on “Him

  1. I just saw your fiancé is at messiah college- I knew a bunch of people who went there, I went to eastern university outside of philly my freshman year, but I think I’m a lot older than you;-)

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